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Space+Spatial Industry Growth Roadmap 2030

In this information age economic success, societal well-being and national security pivots around our ability to collect, disseminate, understand and exploit complex sets of data in a timely and effective manner.

Space and spatial capabilities are central to achieving this and can provide essential data and services to support areas of national importance such as land and water security, emergency management, and autonomous systems and smart cities management. 

The ‘SPACE+SPATIAL’ Roadmap is being developed to:


the strategic importance of a strong Australian space and spatial capability


the critical characteristics of such a capability


the steps required to realise an integrated space and spatial eco-system that will be a key national asset


industry growth opportunities and propose actions to grow the space and spatial sectors


This national industry road mapping is not just about developing our space and spatial capabilities and technologies. It is also exploring the current and potential value for Australia arising from the intersection of the two.


Our frame of reference is orbital space. For more context, visit the Space Explained page,

... MEETS...

A coordinated, strategic approach to integration of Australia’s space and spatial sectors would have many benefits.


The spatial disciplines impact all our lives everywhere, every day. For more context, visit the Spatial Explained page.  

The spatial industry can play a significant role in contributing to the Government’s three key objectives for the space industry by 2030:








During 2020-21 a consultation paper has been drafted that – following dialogue and feedback from industry, SMEs, research and public sectors – will become a national roadmap for ‘space & spatial’ industry growth through to 2030.


Our comprehensive paper is central to the national consultations for the ‘Space & Spatial Industry Roadmap 2030’. 

We invite input on some specific topics as well as ask some Big Questions. You’re absolutely free to have your say on as much or as little as you prefer
Below, our 24 Key Issues are framed within ten broad recurring themes for your ease of viewing. Please mix and filter for your interest!

The 3 big questions to consider:

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