National space sovereignty – needs and aspirations


Growing regional strategic competition, global trade disputes, exposure to information operations seeking foreign influence in Australian businesses and institutions, cyber threats and the economic impact of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic have led to a renewed focus by the Australian government on sovereignty.

The space and spatial sector are fundamentally enabled by global supply chains dependent on international partnerships. Underpinning these supply chains is critical ICT infrastructure. There are two key questions in this regard; what level of assured access does Australia aspire to over the next decade and in which specific space and spatial technologies?


Australia could strengthen and expand its national capabilities and capacity in areas that lead to increased resilience of critical infrastructure and national systems of importance. This growth could lead to greater development and exploitation of national intellectual property and contribute to national security outcomes.

Australia could also make stronger contributions (financial and in-kind) to selected international programs to guarantee access and create opportunities for local industry.


1. Identify priority investment areas for Australian where self-reliance supports operation of critical infrastructure and national security.

2. Support selected international programs that create opportunities for alignment of national interests between Australia and like-minded nations, through activities including contributed intellectual property and work-share/supply chain.