This consultation: a timely opportunity

The Australian space and spatial industries are poised for great growth. By systematically and strategically working together, these two closely allied industries will realise enormous benefits that would otherwise not be possible.

Why a Roadmap?

The Space and Spatial Industry Growth RoadMap 2030 is being developed to:

  • highlight the strategic importance of a strong Australian space and spatial capability,
  • identify the critical characteristics of such a capability,
  • and outline the steps required to realise an integrated space and spatial ecosystem that will be a key national asset.

The Consultation Paper and your feedback

This paper sets out a series of issues that are designed to elicit feedback through a comprehensive process of consultation – enabled through this site together with the outreach and engagement efforts of our partners, people like you.

Outcomes and next steps

The desired outcome from the consultation process will be a growth RoadMap focused on the most important areas where space and spatial can work together and a set of actions to optimise the accelerated growth of these two industries looking out to 2030.

Through your feedback, you are making an invaluable contribution – not only to the Roadmap, but also the future of these industries in Australia.