The national consultation

Throughout 2020 and early 2021 a highly experienced and well-connected team collaborated with a wider circle of specialist advisors to draft the current Consultation Paper.

This also coincided with Phase 1 of the national consultation process: the formation of an influential and experienced Steering Committee along with a committed and effective Working Party.

Now in 2021 Phase 2 has seen engagement with a wide range of public sector agencies as well as defence and an initial cross-section of research organisations

The period of June to August 2021 – Phase 3 – will see an additionally deeper engagement of the related industry organisations through both the space and spatial sectors.

Stages 3_Woodgate

As part of Phase 3 there will also be an extensive engagement by the specialist sector organisations – SmartSat CRC and Frontier SI, along with outreach to a number of aligned special interest organisations.

While most of this outreach and engagement is aimed to direct participant response directly to this consultation website and its embedded online feedback mechanisms, several of the leading industry member associations will be seeking to focus their engagement efforts through distributed online/virtual meetings.